2014 National Hardware Show Wraps Up in Las Vegas with These 5 Home Improvement Items You Shouldn’t Miss

2014 National Hardware Show Wraps Up in Las Vegas with 5 Home Improvement Items You Shouldn’t Miss

The month of May leaves the home improvement marketplace with a series of exciting products as the 2014 National Hardware Show draws to a close. From “instant fiberglass” to a grass growing system, propane holder and “bottled” fire extinguisher, we round up the outstanding products from the show and give you these home improvement items that every house should have.

FiberFix Repair Wrap — Coming off its successful Shark Tank appearance, FiberFix attended the 2014 NHS with yet another revolutionary products: the FiberFix Repair Tape, Patch and Heat Wrap. The products, an industrial-strength adhesive with “strength of epoxy and ease of tape,” boast of wrapping power that is 100 times stronger than duct tape. They are designed to fix broken tools, vacuum tube holes, leaking pipes, and more.

DigiPrint HD Custom Shapes — From Logo Mats, LLC comes high-definition custom prints for tiles, hardwood, and other types of flooring. Featuring a state-of-the-art HD digital printing, Logo Mats makes custom shapes perfect for high-traffic indoor applications and even plush carpets. Its prints are treated with stainstopper for easy cleaning, and use a 90mil rubber for durability.

Toss Out Fire Douser — It’s safe, simple, and speedy. It’s the innovative Magical Stick toss-out fire douser from Origin8 Concepts. This safety apparatus puts out fire in its early stages, just by tossing it into the flames. It has potassium carbonate as extinguishing agent, encapsulated in a handy canister. It is perfect for kitchen where cooking oil fire sporadically breaks out.

Turf Shade Grass Growing System — For homeowners and businesses with big lawns, the Turf Shade grass growing system is a “gotta have one” item. It grows grass the natural and easy way, even eliminating the need for mulch and hay. It’s handy, convenient, and eco-friendly, allowing you to grow grass in a fun, interesting and carefree way.

EZGO Propane Gas Holder — Finally, transporting propane gas is no longer a dreaded chore, thanks to the EZGO Gas Holder. With its custom design base surface, the EZGO gas holder prevents sliding of the tank inside your car. It eliminates the need for unwieldy milk crates, bungee cord, and other improvised materials to transport propane gas tanks.

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ABOUT THE NATIONAL HARDWARE SHOW — NHS is the premiere marketplace for global manufacturers, suppliers, and resellers in the home improvement industry. With over 60 years of existence, the trade show has helped evolved the marketplace through commitment and passion of its key players in improving the quality of life in the US with each and every American home. The show had its in beginnings in New York during the post-WWII housing boom, before moving to Chicago in the 1970’s and to its current location in Las Vegas.

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