3 Ways Brands Can Use YouTube Advertising To Market Their Brand Ethically

YouTube’s projected net ad revenues for 2017 are $2.59B. It boasts well over one billion users. It’s no wonder YouTube has because the marketing tool of choice for so many. Businesses ranging from mom and pop shops to multi million dollar retailers choose YouTube to market their brand.  YouTube’s popularity is due, in part, to the diversity of the audience. A video ad can reach prospective customers who may not otherwise see the message.

There are two basic categories of internet users: those who use the internet for information and those who use it for social interaction. YouTube corners both markets. It’s both the second most used online search engine and the third most popular social network.

So how should you use YouTube to promote your message?

Relevant Content

The best way to sell a customer on your brand is to allow him to see your content in a real and relatable way. But in order to be relatable, you must first identify your target audience. Determine your desired demographic and create an ad which will appeal to that group. If you have more than one target demographic, simply create more than one ad.  Over half of the top 100 YouTube advertisers have 10 or more channels.

Skippable Ads

As a YouTube advertiser, you have the option to allow viewers to skip your ad. Should you do it? Probably not.  Forcing your customer to watch your ad may increase the engagement time, but will certainly also increase the frustration, impacting your brand.  Conversely, allowing users to skip your ad allows you to track the engagement time and tweak your ad appropriately.

Clear message

Most YouTube users are streaming video while doing something else. They could be cooking supper, doing homework, even driving. There’s a fair chance that the eyes of your audience will be looking elsewhere. With this in mind, be sure to write engaging copy for your ad.  

In short, make your ad something you yourself would want to watch. Play with it, shorten or lengthen it, adjust it any way you like, and have fun with it!

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