5 Brands That Earned Marketing Gold With Rio 2016

The Olympics have come and gone, and they were huge with hundreds of millions of people watching them. With so many people watching the Olympics, there are many brands that are going the extra mile to get people to notice them. There were several brands that went the extra mile to really do better at the Olympics with their customers:

Proctor and Gamble and their wonderful Thank You Mom campaign that was viewed 21 million times at the Olympics.

Getty Images picking up the title as the official photographic agency of the Rio Olympics. This is very important because it lends a lot of power brand recognition to the organization.

Coca Cola and their use of the hashtag #ThatsGold to not only engage the audience, but associate themselves with gold medal wins.

Overwatch, the new amazing game, released a limited time content package that was only available during the Olympics.

Googles Doodle FruitGames was also a big winner of the Olympics from the search engine giant.

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