5 Essential Pieces of Tactical Gear for Beginners from Fox Outdoor

Whether it be a suburban mom, businessman on Wall Street, or even a college freshman – there will always be those who want to be prepared for the worst. And we can’t blame them when there are daily terror threats made in this day and age.

The only way some people feel they can stay safe, is to take that safety upon themselves. Of course, the need for shooting lessons, or disaster preparedness courses is still very important for the beginner and should definitely not be overlooked. Fox Outdoor knows how important it is to make sure they provide only the highest quality tactical gear for those who want to invest.

Here are the 5 essential pieces of tactical gear for beginners.

1. Selecting the right tactical vest for beginners is important for two main reasons – durability and design. It is important that the tactical vest selected not only fits properly and comfortably but also has enough compartments to accommodate any extra gear. Also important is the breath-ability of the vest, allowing the person wearing it to not get overheated while maneuvering around obstacles or across long distances.

2. Bug out bags or reconnaissance packs  should be lightweight and comfortable for the wearer since they will most likely be worn while running away from a dangerous situation. Being able to get out quick, with gear in tow is just what a bug out bag was built for. Important features may include hydration compartments, zippers, pockets, loops and straps.

3. When disaster strikes, counting on a smartphone for the time is no longer going to work, but a recon watch will definitely do the trick. It can be used for arranging meetups and setting alarms, but it helps to have a few extra features – waterproof, shock resistant, world time all come to mind.

4 and 5.  One of the most important pieces of gear a beginner needs is an emergency rescue knife or survival knife. Cutting someone loose from their seat belt, or simply opening a can of food are simple things that become life-saving in a disaster situation. If disaster strikes in the middle of the night, having a flashlight will certainly come in handy as well. How about a flashlight and emergency knife combo?

There you have it, the 5 essential pieces of tactical gear for beginners. If you’re interested in seeing advanced gear, head over to Fox Outdoor for their full product inventory available to Registered Retailers.

From Fox Outdoor:

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