The 5 Essentials for Outstanding Customer Service in Retail

There are occasions when delivering exceptional customer service involves nothing more than giving the customer what they want through a smooth, flawless, and friendly transaction.

Think about an employee who just got of work from a 10-hour shift, and all the person wants to do is pick up a few items at the store before going home and calling it a day. The latter scenario definitely involves a consumer who will desire speed, easy shopping, and convenience above all else.

jenny-mckenzie-quoteOf course, not every customer is going to want speedy service over an intensely professional experience. Easy, fast transactions are few and far between, and do not necessarily pave the road to an increase in revenue. Add the notion of “cheap” products and services and you are looking for trouble.

Stepping up your customer service game

If you are looking to improve that bottom line, you are going to have to step up your game and deliver to your customers an outstanding experience.

The service needs to be focused, intentional, and the service must stem from the same message across all platforms, including email, the Internet, newsletters, advertisements, and brick and mortar presentations.

An exceptional customer service experience is just that: An experience.

It is more than a concept, idea, or thought, and will take deliberate action to deliver. You need to free your customer from worry or concerns, all while increasing the level of confidence the customer has in making a purchase. Finally, you need to make the customer feel important: This should not be difficult to do seeing the customer is extremely important to your bottom line.

Below are some of the steps you need to implement to manifest the perfect customer service experience every time you deal with a customer.

Action #1: Instill that euphoric feeling.

It is imperative that you train your employees to treat your customers in such a way that they can maintain that euphoric feeling they get when they shop. Many shoppers get that natural high because they enjoy shopping for the things they desire and buying things for others. Your employees need to educate the customer, but should also inspire them to find the perfect item for their needs or the perfect gift for someone else.

Action #2: Evoke confidence in the buyer.

Having to pay a big price for a product can leave your customer feeling a bit torn. The customer is likely to feel pleased in buying what they have been longing for, but may feel guilty for spending the money or spending beyond budget. Your employees should express an understanding of the customer’s feelings so they can help the shopper get past the uneasy feeling of spending a bit of extra money on a product.

Action #3: Spend time with the customer.

You need to make sure you have got enough employees on the clock to attend to your customers accordingly. If you have scheduled enough people to work, it means your employees do not have to rush through transactions and can really spend the time interacting with and listening to your shoppers. You want to establish a relationship with your customers: It is the first step in developing customer loyalty.

Action #4: Give a warm welcome to new customers.

Whether you are making a discounted offer, or you have your employees give new people a tour of the store, you should always have something going on in your store or on your website. In a way, you can honor your new customers, but also engage with them so you can keep them coming back for more. Besides, generous offers prove enticing.

Action #5: Consider your calendar of events.

Think about the holidays and the season when it comes to retail. There are plenty of holidays you can plan for: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Mother’s Day, and more. Plan in store décor, put a new theme on your website to match the season, send out email campaigns themed to the holidays, and make sure you set up a holiday social media plan for reaching out to shoppers.

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