5 Marketing Techniques That Do Not Require the Use of Social Media Outlets

While it is true that no modern marketing plan will be complete without at least some mention and use of social media tools, there are some other extra and exceptional ways to market that have nothing to do with social media whatsoever.

You can use these alternative means for marketing your business in an effort to diversify your marketing strategy. Since marketing is an investment in the success of your business you should consider any and all marketing efforts as an asset within you investment portfolio: just as it is with a money making portfolio, your business marketing portfolio needs to have a balance of solid and risk taking marketing strategies, and the strategies need to be diversified.

Technique #1: Speaking Engagements

One tired and true marketing technique can be identified in performing speaking engagements about what it is your are selling or about something related to your industry. You can talk about related topics at schools, conferences, special group meetings, businesses, and you can present in front of organizations. It is a good idea to focus on how your business is a motivation or a greater lesson and to refrain from making it nothing more than a lengthy sales pitch. You need to sell yourself with your sincerity and speaking engagements can help you become a trusted source in the community.

Technique #2: Blogging

Businesses take full advantage of blogging by writing blogs about their business, products, and related topics, but they can also spread the word about a business through guest blogging as well. What’s more, a bit of marketing can be accomplished when you ask another blogger to go over what you have to offer and to blog about it. Give a blogger a freebie product to try out and market for you.

Technique #3: Trade Shows

Signing up for trade shows gives you a big way to expose your products to potential buyers. There are many trade shows in various industries, all of which offer a fine opportunity for networking.
By attending trade shows, you will be able to get people to notice your products and the right people may decide to become a big investor in what you are selling.

Technique #4: Ambassador Programs

When you take advantage of an ambassador program, you have had someone who has demonstrated a strong interest in the business you operate, product, or brand. So intense is the interest the individual is willing to spread the word about your product to others. Those who serve as an ambassador of your products or brand are reward with a sampling or the products you are attempting to sell or a similar product.

Technique #5: Community Contribution

Write blogs (guest blogs) or articles for similar websites/companies. You can attach your bio to the body of the work and include a non-obtrusive link so that your website is easy to discover. When you become a contributing member of the community, the benefit is twofold as it makes you come across as an authority, one who is respected, in your industry.

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