5 Ways To Making an Enticing Offer Even More Enticing

Have you put out some promos in hopes of enticing your buyers, but found they had only a limited effect, and not as a powerful impact as you might like?  Here’s a few tips on how to spice up your customer enticements to make them even more enticing.


Know What You Want from Your Promotional Campaign

The most successful marketing campaign is one with a well-defined purpose.  Knowing what you want out of your promotional efforts helps you identify the goal and clarify the action it takes to get there.  Before you start out with a promotional campaign, think about what you are doing and why you are doing it.  Ask yourself the following:

Are you offering a campaign for new customer attraction or returning customers? The answer to this question is important because you might market to returning customers differently than you would new customers.

Are you looking to clean up your existing inventory?  Offering reduced prices can actually prove quite enticing, especially to returning buyers who have just been waiting for a good sale.

Do you want to host a special event in your brick and mortar establishment to bring in a new line of customers?  You might consider offering special discounts for first time buyers or a unique discount for people who walk through the store doors at a set time of day.

Stop Being So Predictable With Your Offers

If you offer your customers a 20% discount every Thursday, a 35% off offer on Friday, and come every Sunday you offer a 50% discount, guess which discount promotion is going to gain the most attention.  What’s more, if your customers know they can count on it every Sunday, they may not be in a big hurry to take advantage of the deal you are offering.  You need to be completely unpredictable when it comes to your promos to keep your customers on their toes and paying attention to the “limited” offers you supply.

Enticements Really Need to Be Just That…Enticing

Imagine this scenario: You run a promotion of 10% off of a certain product.  Now, you really aren’t losing anything because you are still selling the product at a retail price made available at competing stores.  What you’ve done here is not really run a promotion at all, because the savvy consumer is going to know they can get the product for the same price somewhere else.  Promotions have to be enticing and they need to lure your customer in to your store or to your website.  Make your offers extremely special: It will gain the attentions of your buyers.  What’s more, make sure your customer knows without a doubt that you are making a “Special” by using the exact term special.

Keep Them Coming Back for More

One you get a customer to make their first purchase, don’t let go of that customer!  You have to do everything you can to turn the new customer into a repeat buyer. Make sure you make every effort to appeal to them immediately after their initial purchase.

Give Them a Second Chance

If you are running a promo for say 30% off and send the promo to 100 people, and you find you get a response from 45 people, it’s time to give the remaining customers a second chance offer.  Use a bit of different wording but let them know they are getting a second and final chance to get in on the initial offer.  It will make your customer feel special that they are getting in on a limited offer and a second opportunity.

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