Adapting to Change in the Furniture Market

When industries started to move to China and companies started ordering products from China, local supply companies were in trouble. Many of them are forced out of business. One furniture manufacturer in New Jersey refused to close, so they adapted.

When stores they supplied furniture to started closing or ordering from Chinese suppliers, Contempo Space decided to go right to the source.

Streamlining The Manufacturing Process

They opened up their stock to retail customers through catalogs and taking advantage of online sales, along with letting customers browse their warehouse. Once they streamlined their manufacturing process, they could minimize the footprint of their production and open up more space for selling their products.

They converted more and more of their warehouse to retail, and want to bring other companies into their space.

Contempo Space Co-founder David Einhorn in the showroom at the company’s production facility. Img source:


Offering Unique Products

Another reason that Contempo Space has survived is because of their unique products.

They focus on building storage solutions like wall units that work with many different styles. One of their most popular pieces is an area divider where the middle spins to reveal space for a flat screen TV on one side. On either side of that is a full, double-sided cabinet. These kind of pieces can range from $1300 to over $4000. Price can be affected by finish and hardware.

Contempo Space offers many options for their furniture, particularly in regards to paint colors, finishes, and hardware, with other options such as glass and mirrored pieces.

Most of the furniture sold by Contempo Space is made of melamine, fused to a wood core, guaranteed not to peel away. They make their furniture out of recycled materials, materials that would normally end up in landfills. Along with storage, they also make bed frames, dressers, nightstands and other things like desks. Other items they offer such as sofas and mattresses are produced by another local supplier.

Plan For Expansion

The future looks bright for Contempo Space as they have plans for expansion in the coming years. Immediately, they have plans to expand into kitchen cabinetry, made in the same style as the rest of their pieces. They will have models available for customers to view in the showroom.

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