Adidas Makes First 3D Printed Shoes Available For Purchase

Since the unveiling of their first 3D shoe concept in 2015, Adidas has stepped into the future by making the shoe officially available for purchase.

adidas-3d-runnerAlthough only available in limited quantities (as of now), we’re excited to see if demand matches excitement when the Adidas 3D Runner comes to market.

Features an engineered 3D web structure, the shoe boasts dense zones in areas of the foot that experience high force, and less dense zones in low force areas. This allows for more even weight distribution.

Imagine a shoe that is uniquely fit to the way you walk and run, without the typical  typical process of gluing or stitching due to the 3D printed heel counter.

Mikal Peveto, senior director of Adidas’ Future team says “Creating customized shoes based on an individual’s footprint—including their running style, foot shape, performance needs and personal preferences—is a north star for the industry and Adidas is leading with cutting-edge innovations.”

Available via Adidas Confirmed in NYC, the 3D Runner will retail for $333 with reservations being accepted now and shoes available for pick up as of Dec. 15 at Adidas NYC, the brand’s new flagship store.

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