Apparel Textile Sourcing to Bring China to Miami

Apparel Textile Sourcing to Bring China to Miami

All eyes are on Miami as of late. The sunny city in South Florida has been garnering much attention due to its growing fashion and art scene, college expansion and economic development. Miami has always been an influence on the Americas and Caribbean due to its close proximity. But, now it looks like Asia has been taking note. Is Miami the next place for Chinese business investment? Apparel Textile Sourcing and developer Moishe Mana think so.

China + Miami

A driving force behind the renaissance of Miami is developer Moishe Mana. The Miami Herald were flies on the wall during a conference in which him and ATSM organizer Jason Prescott waxed poetic about Miami’s growing international influence. Moishe expressed a particular potential for the city to be an, “East Coast home for Chinese businesses.” Interestingly enough, there isn’t a large Asian population in the city currently but there is an allure already present for Chinese brands already looking to establish a U.S location. He continued that the establishment of Apparel Textile Sourcing Miami is laying the groundwork for the vision to come to fruition.

China + Apparel Textile Sourcing

The Apparel Textile Sourcing brand has had a strong relationship with China for years. China has had a strong presence at both the ATSC shows in Toronto. And now, The China Brand Show, administered by the Ministry of Commerce of China, will make its Canadian debut at the third ATSC in Toronto this August. This May 21st-23rd at the Maya Wynwood, there will be about 150 Chinese companies at the inaugural ATSM show. Chen Zhi Rong, director of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce has expressed his excitement of Chinese participation in the show. He said,

“The [China Chamber] is very excited to explore one of the world’s greatest and untapped trade hubs — Miami. We are investing in Miami not just for Chinese companies, but to create a global trade show that inspires Americans and the Americas.”

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