ASD Market Week March 2015 Attracts Buyers From All Corners Of The Earth

On March 1-4, the ASD Retail Trade Show took place in Las Vegas. This event hosted about 45,000 business professionals at the Las Vegas Convention Center, including Top Ten Wholesale!


Topics for vendors included souvenirs, fashion accessories, beauty and personal care, jewelry, toys, and gifts. This was an opportunity of a lifetime for small businesses, chain stores, CEO’s, specialty stores, and for mass merchandisers.

Before the event even started, there was major excitement building online!









Connections, Fun, Possibilities

Being one of the biggest trade shows in the industry, ASD had thousands of vendors to choose from.  No matter what information or connections you were after, the possibility was there.

Small business and cash and carry stores had a large range of new inventory to choose from and the latest trends from hundreds of designers were on display.

ASD offered the competitive edge with products that would certainly set your business apart. Within the three large categories,  there was merchandise for any business niche you may have. Vendors hosted one main product all the way up to hundreds of different products.

Attending this show makes for a great time to network and make connections. Retailers, distributers, and manufacturers are all huge attendees of ASD Market Week.

It is the chance to meet with people in person and form future relationships. This can help prevent any miscommunications in the future. It is also a place to get an education in the industry. You can learn more about selling, communication with business partners as well as consumers, and purchasing wholesale goods. You can even find and have access to thousands of new customers who will go back to their hometown and spread the word about your business.

“ASD buyer team hanging out with Grace – an amazing buyer who came all the way from Nigeria!!! She loves the show and has come for three years now! Thank you Grace”  (below)



In the end, ASD Market Week is a Retail Trade Show that you can’t miss and with the next one coming up in August 2015, you have plenty of time to plan! It’s an occasion to meet new key players, expand your product line, and buy more inventory for your business. Even if you aren’t in the business world, you can still learn about new trends in fashion and shop incredible deals.

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