The Next ASD Market Week in the Spring 2016 Brings a Brand New Section for Electronics

The next ASD Market Week is set to occur over a four-day period spanning from February 28, 2016 until March 2, 2016. The tradeshow will be on exhibit in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The ASD Market Week is one of the biggest consumer goods tradeshows in the nation. The 2016 show will begin on a Sunday and conclude on a Wednesday. The first three days of the event will open at 9 AM and conclude at 6 PM. The final day of the event will begin at 9 AM and conclude at 4 PM on Wednesday, March 2, 2016.

ASD Market Week Winter 2015
ASD Market Week Winter 2015

Plenty of Reasons for Retailers to Attend!

Retailers attend this tremendous trade show for a variety of reasons. First, there are plenty of new, trending products that give the retailer an opportunity to invest in hot, popular merchandise that consumers covet.

Second, the wholesale pricing is exceptional and the tradeshow proves an ideal place for retailers and wholesalers to network with one another.  

ASD Market Week is, after all, all about creating opportunities.

There are more than 2,600 vendors who present their merchandise thereby giving the retailer plenty of diversity in terms of product. The show is exceptional in offering different merchandise from an array of categories including fashion, apparel, accessories, seasonal, home décor, novelties, and much more. Now retailers will have one more reason to attend the trade show this Spring – an entire electronic section will soon be added to the list of vendor exhibits.

Expansion of Electronics Industry at the ASD Marketplace

The electronics industry is huge, as it is now a $285 million USD industry. The expansion of the industry is colossal and the ASD Marketplace is looking to take full advantage of consumer interest in electronics.

According to the ASD Marketplace’s Group Show Director, David Bertlesen, by adding the new section for electronics, it increases the overall value the show provides to wholesalers and retailers alike. Some of the new vendors who will be at the Spring exhibit include Global Phoenix Computer Technologies, Fesco Distributors, Sakar/Vivitar designs, and iWorld.  

Meanwhile, vendors representing Scosche Industries will be making a first time appearance at this Spring’s upcoming event.  

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