Big E-Commerce Companies Looking to Make Consumer Checkout Simplified Across the Web

Do you sometimes go into a store and pay with your credit card, and later go to another store to buy something with the same card or a similar card? Ever notice how different the two methods of credit card processing are at the two locations?  

Retailers-rush-to-adopt-mobile-checkout-UP1U2NBG-x-largeSometimes it seems like everywhere you go debit and credit card processing methods are so different.  Ever wish everything could be the same across the board?  You’re not alone. A group of Internet companies are looking to create universal web standards to make check out online, easy and simple for the end user.

At present there are financial firms and an Internet group working in unison to create a standard payment (global) for web purchases.  Sir Tim Berners-Lee who founded The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), hopes it can help in standardizing web payments in the same way it helped to create the web html standards in place today.

Making web check out more universal does way more than make every check out appear user friendly.  The platforms will be more inviting for consumers, and it will also enable the public to recognize trusted solutions for checkout.  The goal of the group is to establish a level of checkout consistency, allowing the consumer to know what to expect.  The group will be looking to work with the top payment handlers like Google and Paypal, but are also looking to workout something with newer currencies, like bitcoins.

To date, online shopping and checkout procedures have some similarity, but not across the board.  For instance, many sites use secured encrypted technologies to process payments.  Nevertheless, there are so many different payment programs and different brand names it can sill prove pretty confusing.  Thankfully, digital wallets that allow a user to use any platform from one wallet have proven a pretty solid solution for the issue related to so many payment platforms.  Still, the use of digital wallets is not as pervasive as it could be, and the question remains as to why digital wallets have not become universal over the course of time.

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