Black Friday’s Shoppers Are Going Mobile

Thanks to the advent of mobile technologies and Internet shopping solutions, more and more Black Friday shoppers are going mobile.

545be2c6669db1Rightly so, as many shoppers dedicated to Black Friday shopping sales, still admittedly hate the long lines in the store, traveling, and dealing with all the holiday shopping traffic. Now, with mobile opportunities to shop, it proves far more effective. It’s better than having to battle and fight one’s way through store doors and to run through the store in a the wee hours of the morning. It’s far more desirable than having to struggle when trying scoop up one or more of this years’ trend items as they fly fast off store shelves.

Black Friday shopping in the modern day is an event that can be approached calmly and from the comfort of home. As many as a third of the shoppers buying items on Black Friday were actually doing so from a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. According to Custora, more than 36 percent of Black Friday’s shoppers used mobile means to buy merchandise. What’s more, following in the tracks of Black Friday, Cyber Monday eCommerce sales are noted to be up more than 16 percent. The increase in sales is attributed to the ability to shop mobile, especially with iOS devices, exceptional email marketing, and Google Search options.

Well over 75 percent of all orders on mobile Black Friday were made from iPads and IPhone devices. Just over 20 percent of mobile sales were made on devices with an Android operating system. The latter figure is actually an increase of just over 19 percent from the year prior. The latter figures have left experts in the industry to suggest Android devices are best for advertising and marketing while iOS devices are best for making the actual sale. Meanwhile, as per information set forth by ShopperTrack, physical stores, which had an $11.6 billion income last year, dropped down to $10.4 million this year.

Needless to say that even with the face of Black Friday changing in regard to how consumers shop, where they shop, and how they get the trend setting items and sales items they desire is changing dramatically, it hasn’t changed the importance of the time of year. Black Friday is still the day when many retailers see a return into the black after being in the red earlier in the year – the sales during this time of year are still significant.

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