How to Increase Conversions: Make Your B2B Company Website More Effective: Part 1

Well-planned SEO and B2B marketing campaigns are essential in generating quality B2B leads. Marketers, however, should not forget the importance of a functional and optimized B2B website. The landing page is, after all, where all the leads you generate turn into potential conversions. Website analytics would tell you how long visitors stay on your site and other important data. If you feel that you should be getting more conversions for your efforts, a minor website revamp is in order.

Here are some ways to make your B2B website more effective in getting conversions; a lot of them you may have already observed or heard of but have yet to apply them on your own website. The first part of this article talks about how you can improve conversions through functional web design and high-quality, well-placed content. (In Part 2, which will be posted tomorrow, I will be discussing ways on how to win more conversions through SEO-optimized and social media-integrated B2B website.)


While it is tempting to put everything you have got to offer all at your home page, you run the risk of web visitors getting frustrated trying to find a bit of important information they are looking for. Keep them hooked with a streamlined navigation and well-organized content.

Attractive, Functional Design
A minimalist design not only makes it easy to locate specific content, but also makes your site look more professional. But an attractive layout and well thought out color scheme would go to waste if some links do not work. Double-check by doing a test run. You yourself can prove if browsing your B2B site is a pleasurable experience.

Take it Easy on Flash
Flash images no doubt make your website look a lot more interesting. However, take note that these are not read by search engines in determining page relevance and ranking. Use Flash elements strategically with text and other types of content.


High-Quality, Engaging Content
Again, you can put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. What sort of content would you like to see when looking at a website that offers products or services you are interested in? Use a business-like tone but do not alienate would-be customers with too many jargons or turn them off with hard-selling content.

Hot From the Grill
Post fresh content from time to time to build an audience following. One of the best strategies for this is of course, starting a B2B company blog for corporate announcements, relevant information, and related industry news. A regularly updated blog is effective in keeping followers interested as well as in boosting your search engine rankings.

Sell Benefits
While there is nothing wrong with telling the world how great your company’s track record is, what B2B website visitors would like to see more of are the benefits you can offer them. (And besides, you have the About Us page for that.) Many B2B companies use the landing page to advertise special discounts or enumerate the reasons why customers should choose them over their competition.

Call to Action
Place call-to-action text or buttons strategically all over your website pages to increase B2B website conversions. Instill in your visitors a sense of urgency through the use of time-sensitive statements.

Smart Content Placement
How you position your text can also affect your readers’ interest. It is generally acceptable that text content must not exceed two-thirds the width of the page: wider than that and it tires the eyes. Also, it helps to put the most important content (recent news and events, brand statement, special offers, call-to-action, etc.) at the very center of the page so they are the first things your visitors notice.

 To be continued…

(Visit us again for Part 2 of How to Increase Conversions: Make Your B2B Company Website More Effective)

Author:  Naomi Ruth Ganhinhin

Naomi has worked freelance for a number of web development companies, opening doors for several business clients by helping them enhance online reputation, connect with their target audiences, and empowering them to stay competitive in the online market. Naomi is interested in online marketing, advertising, e-commerce, trade, startups, design, and Internet trends.

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