Baby Bottle Covers in Cutesy Plush Animal Designs

Baby bottles have always been a staple to every mother’s home in order to feed their young bundle of joy, whether they’re a breast-feeding or not. Most baby supplies and products, especially bottles, are quaint and utilitarian in design, which makes feeding babies a little bit dull and boring.

Bottle Pets makes feeding time of infants and toddlers a fun and exciting chore with its cutesy stuffed animals that double as baby bottle covers.  Each plush doll has an insulating feature to help keep your baby’s drink cool or warm. The soft, cushy material makes it easier for babies to hold and play, too!

“Bottle Pets have been a huge success,” reveals Bottle Pets national sales manager Lisa Moran. “Baby bottles are a necessity that most homes with babies stock, and they make great gifts. Retailers say their customers love our products because they are unique, and an affordable baby shower or maternity gift.”

Made of pure polyester, Bottle Pets stuffed animals fit all sizes of most baby bottle brands available – from the typical regular bottle to oddly larger ones. These adorable baby bottle holders are machine washable for easy cleaning. Best of all, they pass strict child safety standards, so parents can stay rest-assured about its safety and use. They function either as a play toy or a bottle holder, which keeps babies engaged and brings them some cuddly comfort. They come in different colorful designs which are pleasing to every tot’s eye, which makes these wonderfully crafted plush toys/bottle holders great snuggle companions.

Bottle Pets can also be transformed for sippy cup use and hold other beverage container. “Pre-teens love them over water bottles,” says Moran. “We’ve even seen dads use them with drinks. The longevity of this product is incredible.”

There are 14 different styles that make up the Bottle Pets family: Si the duck and Willy the buck, complete with camo packaging; Riley the bunny; Drew the ladybug; Dylan the octopus; Bailey the cow; Gracie the pig; Milo the monkey; Sammy the bulldog; Lilly the lamb; Leo the lion; Bentley the blue bear and Bella the pink bear; and Noel the reindeer.

The opening order comes in a case pack of 24 assorted pets, and minimum reorders are 13 pieces. Each baby bottle wholesales at $9.50 and retails at $19.99. A fixture with signage and photos of babies with Bottle Pets is available for download, which can be used by retailers for in-store and social media use. For purchase of 48 pieces and up, a free four-tier spinner rack is included (buyers shoulder shipping fees).

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