The Cappy Gives Beverage Can Opening Some Ease and Style

Who would have thought that someone will invent a smart, new technology to deal with beverage can opening? Gary Richard, GPR Production Development LLC president, did. The Cappy is a small, nifty contraption designed to make beverage can opening and capping problems a thing in the past. It extends carbonation, keeps bugs away from drinks and renders cans spill-proof.

With The Cappy’s unique recessed “U” shape design, opening the can be as simple as sliding the unit face-up over the can tab and lift it to open the can. To cover the can and prevent it from spilling, place the U side down, slide the unit onto the tab and spin it around to cover the opening.

Made in the USA, this patented product is keychain ready. It also passes the chocking hard requirements for children aged 3 and below, so everybody can freely use the small, cutesy device. It comes in 12 different colors, and is amidst development for additional designs.

“In this country alone, about half a billion beverage cans are sold every day,” says Richard. “That is staggering. Obviously there is a huge potential for sales of this product. When people see us close a can with The Cappy, they say ‘I wish I had thought of that’, and then they say, ‘You should be on that TV show Shark Tank’.”

Featured on Shark Tank, a show where 40,000 people audition and 90 are accepted each year, Richard received a couple of offers from Damon John and Mark Cuban. Both ended up donating $25,000 to Richard’s non-profit organization, EZ-ID. “I went on the show with zero sales, zero manufacturing and prototypes, and I still got two offers,” Richard reveals.

EZ-ID is an initiative to change license plates to include universally recognizable symbols that enhance visual recognition. This makes people easier to recognize, remember and report license plates for public safety. Some of the proceeds from sales of The Cappy will fund the implementation of EZ-ID.

The Cappy is currently sold in a four-pack of assorted colors which wholesales for $2.49. Significant volume discounts are available. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $4.99. Minimum order for The Cappy is one countertop display which includes 25 four-packs of various color combinations. It can also be sold in a clip strip that holds 12 packages. Name dropping is available.

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