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Founded in 2008, Cellz Group Limited is a thriving mobile device products and accessories manufacturer and distributor to both retail and wholesale markets. Originally based in Hong Kong, the five-year old company was a brainchild of two e-commerce experts with more than 17 years of combined experience in global e-commerce.

Since its inception, Cellz Group has aimed to be one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. The company has already expanded its team and office operations to China, Romania, Canada and Las Vegas, and continues to expand to other locations in the future.

Today, having a smart phone or any kind of mobile device is a huge necessity. The niche of mobile device accessories and electronics has exploded into a giant industry in just half a decade, and has continually tripled its size every year. Cellz Group is best known for its ever-increasing selection of products, particularly accessories for iPhone/iPad, Samsung and other high-tech mobile equipment.

Cellz Group ensures that all products they stock are of high quality and made to last. They offer a huge inventory of accessories in the latest styles, colors and designs that embody every person’s unique personality. They continuously update their products at an incredibly rapid rate to keep abreast with the latest trends of the fast-paced industry.

“Cellz’s major strength is manifested by our expansive, highly diversified product range on one hand, and the speed at which we can adapt our inventory to meet changing demands, on the other hand,” states Sarah Grati, Cellz Group’s company representative. “We also hold the comparative advantage of offering a lower price range for high quality products. This helps us in ensuring constantly high levels of customer satisfaction and higher rates of customer retention.”

The iPhone 4 & 5 cases and accessories such as chargers and docks are among of Cellz Group’s all-time best-sellers. Other hot items include cases and accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4. They also have the same products for tablets available.

Superior quality comes at a certain value, which is rather affordable and not out of reach. The company offers highly competitive rates that are far better than many of their competitors. “Our prices are significantly lower than those of our competitors, reveals Grati. “Plus, we offer free worldwide shipping which isn’t that common, but it appeals greatly to customers. We carry one of the most diverse collections of accessories for smart phones on the web thanks to our direct and reliable sources of product manufacturers in China. We are uniquely positioned to expand our inventory to meet demand and trends very quickly.” They work with all sorts of resellers in the United States, India and other countries worldwide.

In response to the market’s demands, Cellz Group plans to expand its product lines, adding a variety of electronics to their inventory – from tablet computers and digital cameras to memory cards, USB flash drives, and a selection of mobile phones. “We are also adding a variety of accessories for smart phones other than those by the two major mobile players of Apple and Samsung, such as HTC, LG Optimus, Sony Experia, Blackberry, and Google Nexus,” says Grati. “We also regularly expand our current inventory to include accessories for new iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.”

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