Children’s Everyday Wellness Products Made by Doctors

KidzStuff™ is a brand new line of innovative children’s wellness products designed by doctors from the Miami Children’s Hospital. From infant trimmers to sunburn treatments and insect repellent clothing, KidzStuff™ products are specially designed to solve parents and their little ones’ everyday woes.

This revolutionary idea is a brainchild of Miami Children’s Hospital president and CEO, Dr. Narendra Kini.  In his experience working as a pediatric physician in the hospital’s emergency room, Dr. Kini faced similar challenges with most parents to their children, such as nail infection due to improper clipping, which could be easily avoidable by parents using the proper childcare tools to their youngsters at home.

Together with fellow physicians, Dr. Kini was determined to find new, ingenious ways to solve them. “We noticed these clinicians had ideas to make everyday life better for parents and children,” explains Dr. Kini. “But there was simply no one who would listen to them.”

Baby-Safe™ Nail Trimmer was developed to specifically prevent nail infection which is common for kids and infants. It is currently available in a couple of styles (choose between a pink kitty and a yellow duck), and retails for $9.99.

The Sun Blocker Romper is your best bet to keep children’s skin protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays even without applying sunscreen. It comes with long sleeves and a hoodie, and retails for $19.99.

Available in lovely bright colors, green and yellow, Insect Shield Romper prevents kids from being attacked by pesky, disease-carrying insects such as flies, chiggers, ticks and mosquitoes. It also retails for $19.99. Permethrin, a patent pending process which is deemed safe for all ages by the EPA, is adhered to the cloth. Other products available include the HoldEze, which makes easier for everyone to hold a newborn baby; and the TempEze Elephant Romper, which changes color if a baby gets too hot.

“Our goal is to add three to five new products each year,” shares Debbie da Silva, KidzStuff™ retail operations leader. “For 2014, we are working on a battery operated ear cleaner. It has an LED light and a little silicone tip at the end that rotates, so a parent does not have to scoop out the earwax. Most importantly, it has a stopper so it does not allow the tip to be inserted far enough to damage the eardrum. Also in 2014, we will be introducing mini first aid kits, and will have a burn and bite kit that will have instructions and everything needed to treat these conditions. The kits will target what the doctors see as the most common issues.”

The company’s products are also promoted and made available online by other merchants such as Zuilly and Navarro. Aside from helping parents take care of their children, the company is also focused on giving back to help children and families in need. “Our profits go back to the hospital, and help provide the care that is needed in the community, nationally and internationally,” da Silva reveals.

Wholesale prices are about half of retail, while the minimum order is ten pieces. For more information, visit the consumer website at

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