China and the Importance of Digital Marketing

In China, where the largest e-commerce market exists, digital marketing has taken the lead in importance.

According to Jan Lin-Baden, Isobar China Group’s CEO of digital marketing, the use of digital marketing has gone well beyond being important in China’s market.  It has, in fact, become a necessity and an essential. At one time a channel for communicating, digital marketing is now a pillar in business. In China, the environment is highly digital and remarkably advanced: So much so, few outsiders realize the depth of China’s digital advancement. This is true even more so in tier two, three, and four cities. As per Lin-Baden, the main driving force behind digital marketing is, of course, the e-commerce market in China.

E-commerce has rapidly developed in China. The planned and intentional urbanization of the country is the reason for the speedy development of the e-commerce market. The Chinese government is moving the country towards a major increase in urbanization. Through urbanization, the amount of products and goods consumers demand increase.  The increase in demand  is also anticipated for the next five years. Within the latter period of time, the country is expected to witness the biggest urban immigration in a long time, increasing the urbanization rate as much as 20% during the five-year period, from 50 to 70 percent.

E-commerce serves as the force behind digital marketing, and both e-commerce and digital marketing go hand in hand. With this type of market, e-commerce needs to be integrated with mobile commerce and digital marketing for the most beneficial partnering of marketing/e-commerce solutions. In fact, businesses looking to market to consumers via e-commerce/digital solutions need to have an omnicommerce approach: This means that no matter where a consumer comes in contact with a business brand, that initial contact, channel, or communication is flawless and identical in all instances.

When navigating e-commerce options today, a business would do well to assess the possibility of bringing together e-commerce and mobile solutions: It will give the business a broader reach. In an effort to reach more consumers, the integration of apps like WeChat can help in increasing e-commerce sales: WeChat is a mobile commerce portal that allows for texting, but the app also goes far beyond one to one communication. The app can connect to third party applications as well as a shop.


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