Closeout Store Auction in Chula Vista Wednesday April 18

Closeout Store is having an Auction next Wednesday April 18th at its Chula Vista, CA location in San Diego County. Closeout Store is a general trading and wholesale company offering everything from electronics to clothing and anything in between. The company sells in pallets, lots, case lots and truck load quantities. At the Auction, buyers will find pallets starting at $25.00, along with music, food, entertainment and raffles. So, don’t hesitate to join the fun.

The photo above shows the ribbon cutting at its recent grand opening in Chula Vista. The company also has two locations in Los Angeles. Closeout Store was established in 2004. “We have been in business for 8 years now,” said Cesar Leon, president of the Closeout Store. “Since we started this business, we have always treated everyone who purchases from us as our business partner,” said Leon. Closeout Store started its business in Los Angeles on Central Avenue. Below is a photo of its Los Angeles employees and customers.

We asked Leon, What makes Closeout Store stand out? “The nature of our merchandise and the way we sell,” replied Leon.

Our next question: What is your company’s major strength? “We always have the principle that every customer is important,” said Leon. “We make sure that every business day we always have good quality merchandise to offer, and we give our business partners a superb customer service,” he added. “Actually, we always treat our customers like a personal friend; treating them with respect leads customers to doing more business with us.”

What differentiates your company from its competitors? “As I said, we treat our customers like business partners. We like working and growing together with people who have the enthusiasm to make it big in this kind of business,” said Leon.

Closeout Store offers its business partners the products listed below.

  • Good quality closeouts
  • Overstocks
  • Customer returns
  • Surplus merchandise
  • Liquidation merchandise

“We always have the largest inventories − from apparel, footwear, domestics, electronics, toys, furniture, HBA’s, general merchandise and most of the brand name liquidation merchandise,” said Leon. “Our merchandise is available by pallets or by truckload,” he added

“We dedicate this business to people who want to start a business or want to grow their business with us,” explained Leon. “Most of our business partners are from flea markets vendors, store owners, online auctioneer entrepreneurs and brokers.”

In February, Closeout Store opened a new facility in Chula Vista to accommodate its business partners in San Diego County and Mexico. This new location is a huge warehouse with an estimated 38,000 square feet and there is plenty of parking for everyone, as well as two hassle-free dock areas.

Closeout Store would like to invite everyone to come and visit their new warehouse location at 2765 Main Street, Suite B, Chula Vista, California. As mentioned above, there will be an Auction in Chula Vista on Wednesday, April 18.

With this new Closeout Store location in San Diego County, Leon hopes to provide more convenience with logistics needs, and economic gain for his business partners as well as for his own business. “Our partners’ satisfaction in business dealings is always our first priority,” declared Leon.

You can give Closeout Store a call at: 1-800-996-1601 or 213-747-5703. Se habla español. Or visit the website:

Closeout Store Los Angeles – #1

1628 S. Central,

Los Angeles, CA 90021

Phone: 1-800-996-1601  –   213-748-5279

Fax: 213-746-6620

Email:   –

Closeout Store Los Angeles – #2

1111 E. 16 St.

Los Angeles, CA 90021

Phone: 1-800-996-1601

Closeout Store Chula Vista – #3

2765 Main Street, Suite B

Chula Vista, CA 91900

Phone: 619-426-2003

Hours of Operation at All Locations:

Monday thru Friday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday: 11:30 am – 4:30 pm


Author:  Claudia Bruemmer

Claudia Bruemmer is a contributor to the TopTenWholesale Newsroom. Experience includes: Copy Editor SearchEngineLand (2012-present), Managing Editor ClickZ (1998-2001), Editor SearchEngineWatch (2007-2008) and freelance writer/editor since 2001 for SEMPO, ImediaConnection, SearchMarketingStandard, SearchEngineGuide, BruceClay and other sites. Prior to online work, Bruemmer was a Tech Writer for many years.

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