Using Coachella to Sell Clothes

Retailers are always conscious of holidays and how they can be prepared for them and how they will affect their sales. Coachella, an outdoor music festival, is quickly becoming a trendsetting event for retailers to look out for.

coachellawheelfashinoIt marks the beginning of spring and warmer weather with iconic images of palm trees and Coachella’s Le Grand Wheel, and has become known for a specific style of festival boho chic.

Where before, festival style was simply a subcategory of clothing, festival fashion has become its own industry. It has become a marketing opportunity to reach younger generations such as millenials and even generation Z.

Music festivals have always been around, going all the way back to Woodstock in the 1960s. The 1970s saw Glastonbury in the UK. Festival fashion, however, didn’t take off until Coachella expanded in 2012 to take place over two weekends.

It has become a mecca for big names in the fashion world, actors, musicians and other celebrities, and now is almost as influential as New York Fashion Week. Despite the title of music festival, the fashion of Coachella has become almost more important than the music.

No big event can be complete without Instagram selfies. In 2014, Coachella attendees crashed Instagram with too many selfies. It’s a great reason to get your fashion into the hands of festival-goers.

There is a lot of competition, with many brands releasing clothes especially for the festival, but the right marketing can get your name out there.


Festival fashions come with their own trends. They have started to become somewhat like costumes, as attendees take the opportunity to dress up in different personas.

The looks don’t encompass one particular era or trend, with a wide range of inspiration to draw from. Festival fashion can range from 1970s bohemian to the grunge of the 1990s. Accessories can include purses, hats, bandanas, body jewelry and even flower crowns.

Social Strategy

Models-atCoachellaFashion2014To market to festival-goers, especially in March and April, it’s a good time to dust off social networks you’ve been ignoring, ones that your potential customers spend a lot of time on. These include Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Use Instagram to post pictures of your products, balancing them with relevant photos of celebrities, scenery and quotes. ‘Regram’ photos that inspire the asthetic you’re going for, but don’t forget to credit the original photographer or account. In order to really extend your reach, come up with a hashtag for your brand to accompany your posts. It can be used on Facebook as well as Instagram or even Twitter.

Use Facebook to your advantage as well. It is by far one of the most invasive social networks and a way to get your message across the farthest. It’s a little more difficult to get organic growth on Facebook, so you can boost your posts by spending a few dollars.

Like Instagram, Pinterest is a great way to get visual interest in your brand. Create boards around your products with inspirational pins to put your pins in context. Also like Instagram, include pictures of scenery, celebrities and quotes to balance out your products. Pinterest is an easy way for your target audience to share your brand with other people.

Another great way to use social media to share your brand is to start a contest. Hold it on Instagram for an easy way to get your audience’s attention. Have entrants make a comment on your post or tag a friend. Give away concert or festival tickets, or a box of your merchandise as a prize. Everyone wants free stuff, and people being active on your posts boosts your visibility.

Find an influencer. Reach out to popular bloggers or other people who are big in the industry to partner up. Negotiate a strategy with them in which they get paid or get free merchandise in exchange for advertising for your brand. You can either reach out on your own or employ the help of an agency to get you the influencers best for your brand.

What better way to get your products in front of festival-goers than to attend the festival yourself? Sign up to have a booth at the festival of your choice. You can then sell merchandise and promote your brand by handing out promotional material. Include your hashtag on these to keep the word flowing. Encourage your customers to tag your brand in their photos with your merchandise.

It’s easy to set up a booth. Apply on the website and pay the fee for vendor space. Or, if you have a storefront near the festival location, offer a discount or promotion for the time surrounding the festival.

Everyone wants to go to Coachella, and retailers want to take advantage of that to have a presence at the festival. It’s easy to do with the right combination of tools such as social media and the right products.

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