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College is one of the major turning points of a student’s life. Ex-collegiates look back on their school years fondly, and many a night will be spent at the bar with friends, or home with family reminiscing about those times.

And, of course, you need to capture those memories with photos and memorabilia that will bring those moments back to life as you share them with family and friends.

You’re in luck, because He-Lo has the largest range of collegiate memorabilia supplies in the United States. They are fully licensed to carry a very wide range of college design merchandise, and most of these designs are available with a bulk buying discount for large orders. But they didn’t forget the little guys. There is a very low minimum order to better cater for everyone, and enable more people to enjoy their products.

For the guys

He-Lo has a great range that will please the collegiate in your life. Many styles of glasses, coasters, and clothing are available, so you’re almost guaranteed to find something that will please.

For the girls

Ladies have certainly not been forgotten either. Gorgeous wine glasses, coffee mugs, cake stands, gift baskets, cheerleading outfits and wine charms are just some of the quality products offered.

For the Moms

Every Mom wants to remember and document their children’s lives, and many of them choose to do this through the very expressive medium of scrapbooking. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to find quality wholesale scrapbooking supplies in college designs.

Well, you’re in luck! He-Lo carries a comprehensive range of scrapbooking paper, and, because they design their paper from scratch, there are a range of styles that are available nowhere else in the world. If you have other ideas for designs that you can’t find, He-Lo will be happy to accommodate you.

Because they have a minimum purchase order requirement for scrapbooking paper, He-Lo is able to offer it to you for the incredible price of 89 cents per sheet! Most other college designs START at $1.89 and only go up from there. Unique and quality designs are offered at an incredible price. Using an industrial quality 600 dpi printer for all their work, ensures you get crisp and clean images on all items.

All He-Lo merchandise is made right here in the USA, and the quality is second to none. Check out their entire range, and keep America working!

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Phone: 855-650-HELO (4356) between 9am and 5pm Monday Through Saturday, Closed Sunday

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