Crafting Well Created Newsletters

We discussed the importance of having quality content in your newsletters and emails. Content in your communication can range from:

  • a new product or service release;
  • an introduction of new employees;
  • updated or new policies or laws that affect you, your customers, and the industry you are in;
  • unique and informative tips that can assist your customers at home or in the field.

While the initial step was creating interesting and appropriate content for your audience, the next step is to appropriately design the newsletter to captivate your audience. Let’s take a look at some defining tips on how to construct and design your newsletter.

Decide on your corporate voice

Will your newsletters be written in a formal and serious or informal and friendly tone? Your corporate voice is important as it will dictate how you want your customers hear your message.

Add character to your communication

As the corporate voice decides how your company is heard, the character of your communication will enhance the perception and add a visual dimension to the perception of your company. Make sure that use of graphics and images are utilized smartly and appropriately. Use graphics to enhance textual content and to bring attention to the section.

Organize your content

Make sure that headings and titles are easily recognized. Differentiate them by font, color, size etc from the body text. This will create structure for your readers and allow them to select the articles that are most relevant to them.

Attention grabbing titles

On top of organizing your headers so your audience easily sees them, it is important that they are written with attention grabbing words. If your headers don’t grab the attention of your readers, they may end up bypassing an article they would’ve enjoyed.

Always include your company information

The best place to include your company information is within the footer. Provide an address, phone number and email in all your correspondence. This information will allow readers to contact you if they seek additional information or information relevant to the content they are interested in.

The footer is also a great place to include an “unsubscribe” button. It is important that the unsubscribe option is easily accessible to those who are not interested in receiving the content. Additionally, it makes your contact distribution list that much more effective as it will be delivered to those who are interested in reading your content.

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