How To Create Professional Marketing Material

In a previous article, we discussed the many mistakes that businesses often make with their marketing material. Often times, these marketing mistakes are made because companies did not invest enough money in the planning, design and print. We aren’t saying that you have to go with the highest quote or price. However, a good rule of thumb to follow when it comes to marketing material is you get what you pay for. In this instance, cost can be directly linked to quality of work and experience of the contractor you hire.

So what are the steps to creating professional marketing material? Let’s check them out.

Defining Your Brand and Image: You must first establish what your company stands for, your company’s mission, and the desired perceived brand image. Knowing these will help your designer apply this theme across all marketing materials that they create.

Hiring an Experienced Designer 

Like previously stated, with graphic designers, you get what you pay for. This does not mean though that you should hire the most expensive designer. Designer A, who has ten years of experience, may charge you a higher price than Designer B, who has six years of experience. However, despite the price difference, Designer B may have the capability of creating marketing material that is equal to Designer A’s. The difference is that the higher cost of Designer A is often attributed to the experience that Designer A has, offering you, the client, designs and solutions that Designer B may not know to offer you.

Finding a Few Good Printers

Now the final step: printing the marketing material. It is important to establish a relationship with quality printers. By quality, please exclude Vista Print. Although they are monetarily appealing (500 business cards for $10!), Vista Print’s print jobs tend to be inconsistent and lower quality. Finding quality printers can help you find print specifications that can produce quality material that is still within your budget. Again, based on their experience, a good printer will present you with all appropriate printing specifications, from paper stock to print finish, for your marketing material.

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