Dear Lover Brings ‘Fast Fashion’ to Wholesale Lingerie

Dear Lover Brings ‘Fast Fashion’ to Wholesale Lingerie

To get the hottest seasonal item from factories to retailer’s shelves is not an easy task. Yet, not a few stores make it. You see a sexy lingerie one night at a fashion show and one month later you see it for sale. What’s the secret? A proactive and fast supplier.

A dependable supplier is the backbone of Fast Fashion. Because it is such a fast-paced industry, fashion needs to be constantly updated. Fashion retailers need the hottest items quick, or it will lose out on opportunities.

Dear Lover understands this, and excels at it through a foolproof supply chain that makes it easy for retailers to carry one seasonal item after another all throughout the year.

“Making it easier to buy sexy clothes is the mission of Shiying Sexy Lingerie Co., Ltd.,” Dear Lover posted on its blog. “For this mission, we know that there must be a sufficient number of fashion sexy clothes available for customers to choose from. Moreover, the fashion sexy clothes should be hot sales in season and come with stable quality, full sizes, affordable prices as well as adequate inventory.”

Over the past six months, Dear Lover was able to speed up R&D and produce hot items in time for their corresponding season. The company was able to increase the number of styles on its shelves from 3,500 early this year to over 4,700 to date. By the end of 2014, the company aims to exceed 6,000 styles in its online store.

And it doesn’t stop here. Dear Lover vows to keep communication open with retailers, gather their needs and take actively practice to meet their needs. It added that it will “improve products’ details and features [so that] it will be convenient for the retailers to copy the data directly for sale and also enhance costumers’ shopping experience.”

The company, whose main factory and office is located at China’s famous “Maritime Silk Road” point of origin in Quanzhou, is also set to open another factory in the city. To learn more about Dear Lover, sales and sourcing opportunities, you may visit

ABOUT DEAR LOVER — Based out of Quanzhou City in China, Dear Lover is a full service women’s underwear brand under the Shiying Sexy Lingerie Co., Ltd. The company, which boasts of an annual output of 1.5 million pieces, is one of the country’s top destinations for adult costumes, corsets, chemises, babydolls, bikini sets, ladies’ panties, garter sets, erotic dresses, stockings and sexy leather collections.

With its solid manpower, advanced R&D and quick response to inquiries, Dear Lover aims to solidify its position as the premiere manufacturer and supplier of wholesale sexy lingerie servicing Europe, America, Japan, South America, South Africa, East South Asia, Korea and Taiwan. For more information about the company, visit their website at

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