wholesale jewelry - Kate Middleton engagement ring

Designer Jewelry Offers Wholesale Jewelry Fit for Royalty

Not everyone is lucky to be born into royalty, but we all have a woman – or women – in our lives that we feel deserve some royal treatment from time to time. For birthdays or anniversaries, what could be a more enticing gift than jewelry inspired by real-life princes and princesses? Designer-Jewelry.com believes that every woman deserves the finest things in life and they offer a spectacular collection of princess-inspired wholesale jewelry at such delightful prices that everyone can afford to be a royalty – even for a day.

Called “The Prince’s Collection,” the line of jewelry includes astonishing rings and earrings that look exactly like famous pieces so much talked about in entertainment shows and celebrity magazines. For wholesalers dealing in jewelry and accessories, your customers would surely love these hot items, which include rings that look exactly like the engagement ring Prince William presented to his bride, Catherine Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge – the very same one his father, Prince Charles, bestowed upon the late Diana Spencer Wales before their marriage.

wholesale jewelry - Kate Middleton engagement ring

The ring, as can be seen above, is very much coveted by the ladies and “princesses” among us, and with the outstanding craftsmanship by partners of Designer Jewelry, anyone can now own a similar ring, exclusively from the Prince Collection. The engagement ring replica is the exact same size as the original and was designed to last a lifetime. It is made of a large oval Swarovski cubic zirconia (CZ) 12mm x 10mm in size, surrounded by clear, round 3mm CZs set in heavy white gold. It comes available in matching necklace and earrings.

Duchess Catherine’s ring, which formerly belonged to the late Princess Diana, holds a blue sapphire and white diamonds. Now blue might not exactly be everyone’s color, so Designer Jewelry makes identical pieces available in ruby red and emerald green – in the rings as well as in the earrings and pendants! CZs stones look very much alike expensive precious stones. Designer Jewelry uses only high-quality CZs for wholesale jewelry that last a long time. The pieces are sure to add a perfect touch to any outfit.

Wholesale prices for Duchess Kate’s ring start at $9.49 each (24 pieces with display). A 3-piece boxed set will cost wholesalers only $39.99 per set.

Another hot item is a look-alike of the engagement ring Prince Charles presented to Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, as can be seen below. Made of high-quality Swarovski CZ set in rhodium plate with rhodium plating, you can hardly set it apart from the real thing. The detail on the piece is pretty impressive, bedecked with 10mm x 8mm center stones and little stones sized 7mm x 5mm and 5mm x 3mm.

wholesale jewelry, - Camilla Parker Bowles engagement ring

For Duchess Camilla’s ring, wholesale prices start at $10.19 each. See The Prince’s Collection and the complete list of prices by typing in 2456 in the search box over at Designer-Jewelry.com.

Both rings come available in two sizes and will be shipped in an elegant red leatherette box with 18-karat gold accents. Earrings and necklaces may be ordered separately. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s Valentine’s, anniversaries, birthdays, or Mother’s Day, a man only needs to get these hot jewelry items from the Prince Collection by Designer Jewelry and charm his way into his woman’s heart.


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