Designer Jewelry Sets the Trend in Wholesale Fashion Accessories

Accessories fall under a distinct fashion category that is always of high demand and never goes off-season. SEB Designer Jewelry offers a high-quality range of wholesale fashion jewelry – with everything from modern chic and trendy, to art deco and vintage jewelry designs. They are the first to sell wholesale jewelry online through the website With a simply irresistible and continuously growing collection, low minimum orders, and reliable customer service, SEB Designer Jewelry is a trusted partner to resellers around the world.

“Designer Jewelry is known for having the most current jewelry lines made of the best quality materials and workmanship, at the lowest prices, available to ship immediately,” CEO Sue Blanchard says. “Designer Jewelry emphasizes meeting our customers’ needs as well and as quickly as possible.”

Fashion jewelry offers wholesalers a great deal of business opportunities. For customers, the affordability of exquisite fashion jewelry pieces lets them keep up with the latest celebrity fashion trends, make a bold statement, or express their unique style without having to spend hundreds of dollars on genuine designer pieces. The artistic value and fine craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each jewelry piece has made fashion jewelry more than just accessories, but also delightful collector’s items.

If you look at Designer Jewelry’s online catalog, it is easy to see why. Take for example this gold-plated chain with a fancy Swarovsky center stone. This piece gives out an Old Hollywood vibe and would definitely send women swooning.

wholesale necklaces - wholesale jewelry

This Tassel Earring, just like all other pieces on may be purchased at below-wholesale prices. It also comes available in gold tone.

Wholesale earrings


And what’s not to love about this Victorian-style Enamel and Crystal Bangle Bracelet from the MX Signature Collection?

 wholesale bangles

These are but a few lovely pieces from Designer Jewelry’s huge inventory of wholesale jewelry that would surely add charm and and interesting choices for your own boutique. The company offers designer brands, designer replicas, celebrity-inspired jewelry, and current line jewelry, all available at below-wholesale prices. Its bestsellers include wholesale fashion and custom rings, sets, earrings, necklaces and bracelets made with the highest quality cubic zirconia (CZs), sterling silver, and heavy gold electroplated jewelry. The company has been in the business for 30 years and online for the last 15 years.

According to Sue, the company owes much of its success to outstanding business relationships with manufacturers and designers over the years. Its major strengths lie on “hands-on” customer service, an ever-expanding selection, and a constantly updated inventory. “Designer-Jewelry is constantly adding new products and collections to our on-line shopping cart. We keep abreast of changes in our industry and are willing to make changes and improvement as appropriate to meet the news of our chaired customer base,” she says.

Hot Trends in Wholesale Jewelry

Designer Jewelry stays up-to-date with current trends on wholesale jewelry, of which Sue talks about with the knowledge of a true jewelry enthusiast. “Stacking is very popular, with the bolder look in jewelry. You can stack rings and bangles, and layer necklace, for a very opulent look,” Sue says. She also talked about the popularity of pastels, especially during winter months, leading to a surge of new designs that incorporate gemstones and semi-precious stones.

Hoop earrings and bangle bracelets are apparently hotter than ever. “Hoops with stones inside and on the outside of them are very hot. You can not go wrong with the tiniest to the largest hoops and all other earring styles; customers are looking for all sizes and types of earrings. We have 500 earrings in classic to new trends to select from,” Sue describes.

“Rose Gold is the most popular it has ever been! You can wear it alone or mix it with a combination of other gold’s. This Old World Hollywood Look will continue to gain popularity along with Gunmetal finishes through out the next seasons,” she predicts.

All in all, 2012 had been challenging for the wholesale jewelry industry, in that competition can be quite tough. Sue says Designer Jewelry offers the lowest prices as they can manage, seeking less costly manufacturing methods that will not affect the quality of their products.

Doing business online has allowed the company to expand and reach markets across the world. Customers may directly place an order through the company website,, where they can put items on a Wish List and place orders at their leisure. The site features a user-friendly shopping cart and makes tracking orders easier. Users even have the option to create their own personal catalogs. The website has been certified safe and secure.

With ease of access and online shopping, wholesale jewelry is only bound to grow even more popular, holiday season or not.  “Just like clothes, jewelry can be mixed very in new exciting ways. You can wear inexpensive with costly and create your ‘own’ interesting look. Providing your customer our unique jewelry and showing them a new way to wear them is a great way to create repeat customers,” says Sue.

Minimum wholesale order at Designer Jewelry is only $89. To place an order, refer to the contact information below.


SEB Designer Jewelry
South Dixie Highway
POB 56-0517
Miami, FL 33256

Tel:  305-278-7770 (information); 800-398-8158 (orders)
Fax: 305-278-7772

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