Designing Creative Clothing Doesn’t Have To Be Costly: Wholesale Blank Clothes

Being creative sometimes comes with the stress of finding an affordable blank canvas to work with. The tools and the quality of the tools oftentimes get in the way of our art. But why let it?

There are several wholesale blank clothes available to you that will allow you to pursue your screen-printing, embroidery, sublimation, or embellishment passion. Whether it is for personal creation or for professional use, there are wholesale prices for blank clothes for:

  • Baby
  • Toddler
  • Boy’s/Girl’s Youth
  • Men’s/Women’s
  • Organic
  • Camouflage
  • Sublimation
  • And more.

The company, Wholesale Blank Clothes offers several excellent choices for blank apparel. Their motto: “From small startups to large scale designers; your success is our success.” And they really take this to heart by offering excellent cost savings at smaller quantities for those small startups, allowing startups to achieve their dream.

If you’re lacking in real estate and don’t have the room in your stockroom to store material, Wholesale Blank Clothes offers a free drop shipping program. Program details include:

  • No up front costs. Investing in your business and your passion doesn’t require an initial investment to get started.
  • Wholesale pricing. Taking advantage of drop shipping doesn’t void the cost wholesale savings. Whether you’re purchasing small or large, you obtain the benefits of drop shipping and wholesale prices.
  • Turn-key solutions. Looking to also sell wholesale blank clothes? Wholesale Blank Clothes allows you to use a link between your website and their website for wholesale blank clothing sales. Their unique Product Datafeed and images allows you to add and sell their products onto your website and any orders are placed directly onto theirs for fulfillment, the sales without the work!
  • No inventory to maintain and no minimum orders. Let Wholesale Blank Clothes be your inventory and order from them regardless of the order quantity.


For more information, contact Wholesale Blank Clothes here.

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