DHL Set To Open New Green Office In New York

ManhattanWorld leading international express service provider, DHL, announced that it has expanded operations by opening a new retail service center in facility located in Lower Manhattan. This new facility offers a host of convenient drop off locations for customers who regularly ship internationally, while speeding up the process of shipping one of the world’s largest financial centers.

The new building, which has been described as 100% green, has 1200 square feet and uses 20 walking couriers as opposed to vehicles. These foot couriers cover 5 zip codes, and is actually more efficient at delivering than some of the other DHL sites, which use automobiles. On average, the foot couriers have been able to deliver international express deliveries of envelopes by at least an hour earlier, normally by noon. The facility also offers staffed customer service counters for those who need to drop off their packages, or shipments.

DHL Senior Vice President states, “DHL and Wall Street alike place high value on speed and efficiency in their endeavor to ensure timely delivery.” He goes on to state that the newly offered service is top notch at getting those all-important documents to legal firms, and financial firms much quicker than the traditional vehicle delivery system.

The new center is a compliment to the another service provided to legal and financial firms in Lower Manhattan, and that is the helicopter delivery method. This method is used by the larger firms such as the prime U.S. and federal bank locations in New York, Manhattan’s Westside, and at Newark Liberty’s International airport when their needs demand that urgent legal or financial documents be overseas in London’s Financial District, by the next day.

In addition to the new building, DHL also has 4 other offices located in the Burroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and also one located in the John F Kennedy International Airport. The newest office is located in New York, New York.

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