Disney Making Packaging Fun And Sustainable

Disney’s Moana doll with the raft built from the packaging.

With environmental concerns being at an all time high, industries in every product category are doing their part to become more responsible. One such way they’re helping secure the future of our planet, is by paying attention to how they can make their packaging more sustainable.

Did you know that a third of the waste in the United States is from packaging, while only 30% is recycled?

It’s not entirely the consumer’s fault either. The way packaging is made with tough glues and seals, knowing how to properly discard of the boxes may seem tricky. Be honest, have you ever tossed a cardboard box with a plastic front (such as a barbie package) in the paper recycling box?

At Disney, they’re addressing issues like this with their Smart Packaging Initiative (SPI), “a first for the toy industry” according to Adam Gendell, Associate Director of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. He continues, “The SPI’s rigorous metrics-driven approach, combined with its thoughtful scoring system, makes it one of the most innovative and robust packaging sustainability assessment tools out there.”

Disney’s SPI works to reduce package waste, increase recyclability, perform better on-shelf, all while reducing costs for licensees and other industry partners.

Learn more about Disney’s SPI Here.

A great example of this in action is the release of the Moana doll, inspired by the new Disney movie Moana, in theaters soon. The packaging the doll comes in hits (most) sustainability nails on the head. Created out of 70% recyclable materials, printed with vegetable ink, and no glues. Furthermore, the packaging serves as a continuation of the Moana story, allowing kids to turn the box into a raft as seen in the movie.

In fact, Destination Imagination, Inc., a nonprofit organization has been so inspired by this that they have created The Amazing Photo Invention Challenge for kids and parents. Participants are encourage to create (from scratch) a “toy-sized version of an amazing invention that will help you on your imaginary adventure.” The lucky winners will receive a trip to the Moana premiere in Los Angeles.

Whether other brands will follow suit, we’re eager to see. But with heavyweight Disney setting the standard, other toy companies will be left in the dust if they fail to come on-board.

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