Double Your Reach: Your Store and E Commerce

The modern shopper has shifted away from its predecessors, where shoppers primarily purchased items in-store. Today, shoppers are relying on the Internet to make their purchases.

Did you know that…

  • 1/3 of the total Internet population buys goods online?
  • 66% of consumers prefer to shop online vs. in-store?
  • 7 out of 10 consumers shop online for better sales and promotions?
  • 2 out of 3 shoppers shop online because they believe it is cheaper?
  • 46% of shoppers report using their phone to research local products and services?

The rise in e-commerce is due to the dominant daily use of smartphones and tablets by consumers to not only shop, but also to research options. Is your company a visible option for online searches? Expand your visibility and consumer reach by including an e-commerce option for your business.

Benefits of having both a physical store and e-commerce:

  • Increases your customer market by reaching local customers, Internet purchasers, and consumers that may be restricted by distance and can’t visit your store.
  • The physical store allows consumers to touch and physically see products prior to purchasing.
  • Your e-commerce store allows consumers to browse through your available products prior to purchasing or visiting.
  • Increase your visibility by being visible online. The more times you appear online (think website, social media, reputation sites, ranking sites, etc) with up to date content, positive ratings, and activity, the more people will see your company.
  • Increase your sales with lower costs. The cost of ecommerce is very low, yet the returns are very large.
  • While your physical store closes, your e-commerce will always be open for business.
  • Customers obtain immediate gratification by buying products they like right away without the need to visit the physical store.
  • Give your customers the reasons why you are better than your competition. Many consumers compare prices and quality prior to purchasing. Your ecommerce will allow you to be part of that comparison and prove why you beat the competition.
  • No store size limitation for an ecommerce store. While your physical store may be limited to what you can hold within the store, you can post as many items on your ecommerce as you can supply.

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