eCommerce Product Photography: Pure White Background Photo Removal Made EASY

When you run an eCommerce business, getting the perfect product shot is huge. If your products don’t look great, your customers will be put off. And if your customers are put off, they won’t buy from you.

In order to make your images more appealing there are many aspects you can change. These include:

And so much more…

One of the more important aspects to consider in your product photography is the background.

Busy backgrounds distract your customers, which is why a pure white background is preferred. Clean background ensures your product is at the front and center, which can help buyers make a decision quicker.

You could try the many editing techniques available to get a pure white background, but most of the time those techniques require a lot of skill, and time.

When operating an eCommerce store, you need a solution that not only will save you time, but also work right out of the box – even for a novice photographer.

You’re probably thinking, “That’s great…but what’s the solution?

Enter Shutter Stream Photography Software, a photo editing tool developed by Iconasys and trusted by over 1500 customers including Nikon, DKNY, and Motorola.

How does Shutter Stream work for background editing?

The automated background removal tool provides real time editing and uses image recognition (or computer vision) to understand subject vs background. This easy to use software can easily cut out the background resulting in a pure image on transparent. Users can further customize the final product upon export, including which file type (PNG or TIFF) to download and which color to make the background.

See for yourself below how easy this process is:

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