Emotive Technology is Underway: Introducing Cujo Cyber Security

Say the word “Cujo” to anyone and it is likely to bring up images of the film and Stephen King book by the same name featuring a rabid and deadly dog.  

Today, however, the word “Cujo” is describing one of the newest products in home technology: One with a minimalist, sleek, and elegant design and a tool that alerts individuals to potential cyber threats.  How is the user alerted?  Through facial expressions produced by this rather impressive security avatar.

Detect Digital Breeches and Hackers from the Comfort Of Your Home

Now there is a focus on developing technology with an emotive element: One where the technology is capable of being meaningfully expressive.  CUJO is a brand new device made by Matter, an innovative firm located in San Francisco.  The newly created avatar can detect digital breeches and hackers while it acts as a technological guard dog that ensures network security.  With more and more home devices becoming  something a consumer can hook up to the Web and with hackers being able to hack into anything from computers to moving cars, an increased need for promising and powerful network security is in demand.  According to Einaras Gravrock, the founder of CUJO, as much as 70 percent of connectable devices feature at least 20 security flaws each.

Decorative, Yet Highly Functional

CUJO is made to look more decorative than technological, with a shape like an attractive bowl.  You won’t see a ton of buttons, switches or controls on the device either, as the makers of CUJO much prefer the minimalist style.  The only thing you do see CUJO do is revealing its glowing eyes and the eyes reveal to you how secure your actual network is at that time.  There are really no other bells or whistles to it, and the device’s simplicity is sure to make it an attractive network security option for many.

Eyes up, Eyes down, Eyes wide open

CUJO is capable of tracking your date, the amount of it and the kind of data as well as where the data is sent.  If the device detects something is amiss, it will notify the user via an app notification.  The device has three distinct modes: Eyes down, eyes up, and eyes wide open. If the eyes are down there is very little activity going on.  If the eyes are up, CUJO is either scanning, the user’s working with an active network, or the user might be dealing with some issues with malware.  If the eyes open wide, then there is a problem suggesting some hacker is actively attempting to get into the user’s network or that packets of information are leaving your network.  CUJO will interrupt the transfer and alert the user to the issue.

The emotive technology launched recently on Indiegogo.  Consumers can expect shipments to begin next year in March 2016, and CUJO will be priced around $49.00 as a starting price.

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