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Online wholesale marketplace LA Showroom has been doing its best to keep you up to date on all the fall apparel trends. This happens both at our blog, the Buyer’s Lounge, as well as here in the news at Top Ten Wholesale. Whether it is color inspiration, key textiles, specific silhouettes or trendy details, our team works hard to spot the most commercial aspects of the wholesale fashions we carry, and market them to savvy buyers who are looking for inventory solutions for their particular retail establishment. Today, however, we turn our focus away from the clothing. Instead, we are taking a look at some of the top items in terms of women’s wholesale shoes, handbags and accessories that have just arrived at LA Showroom.

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When it comes to the fall and winter seasons, there are a variety of accessory essentials to consider for your store. Cozy scarves, knit accessories, weather-proof boots and new handbags are just a few fundamentals to consider, but an endless array of finishing touches can always be found at LA Showroom. We love the idea of keeping a bright outlook even in the dull winter months by selecting women’s wholesale shoes, handbags and accessories that can provide a pop of color. Whether it is pink and turquoise as pictured here, or something different, your customers will gravitate towards these exciting options.

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For now, women’s wholesale shoes, handbags and accessories make great items for your customers to buy to help amp up their outfit for the season. In the coming weeks and months, they can also be successfully marketed as great holiday gifts for your customers to give to their loved ones.

If you see items here that seem like they would make great additions to your store, come on over to the Buyer’s Lounge at LA Showroom, found here, so that you can discover more information on each of these items, as well as discover more trend updates and industry analysis.

Guest Writer: Charlotte Pratt

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