Are You Excited About SOURCING at MAGIC’s “All About Denim”?

We are! This year’s SOURCING at MAGIC feature focuses on “All About Denim”. This year’s exhibits and seminars are by Cotton Inc. and Jeanologia and include a mass of international companies that represent all points within the denim supply chain.

SOURCING at Magic’s “All About Denim” amasses international companies that live denim and will be available to conduct business with attendees and share invaluable industry knowledge.

Here are some fun history facts that SOURCING at MAGIC has uncovered while studying the history of denim:

  1. 1873- Loose-fitting copper-riveted denim “waist overalls” are introduced in California selling at 22 cents each by Levi Strauss & Co.
  2. 1922- Belt loops added, eventually replacing suspender buttons.
  3. 1926- The zipper is introduced to blue jeans by Lee.
  4. 1936- Levi’s iconic red tab is added to the back pocket of their overalls. The tab is created to differentiate the Levi’s overalls from competitors.

1983- Karl Lagerfeld uses denim in his first couture collection for Chanel.


Whether you are an established business, a budding entrepreneur, or small business owner, SOURCING at MAGIC offers the platform for success. This is one of those rare shows that positions you in front of the best suppliers, from over 40 countries, at the same time, and under the same roof.

Invest 3-4 days of your time starting today, and you’ll finish the show with such a rich and profitable business outlook. What you’ll leave with: new supplier relationships and increased product diversity. It’s time that you achieved the success you’ve worked so hard for.

Show Information


August 17 – 20, 2014

Las Vegas Convention Center

3150 Paradise Road

Las Vegas, NV, USA


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