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Fashion Business Inc. Gets You Started in the Fashion Industry

startup businesses - fashion

Planning to get into the fashion business? Managing an apparel company and looking to gain more profit? Benefit from years’ worth of inside knowledge and resource training from fashion industry experts by signing up for membership at the Fashion Business Inc. Whether you are a budding designer with a great idea or an entrepreneur with a product that you think will meet the needs of many consumers, manufacturing, marketing, and growing your business is easier if you consult with the experts. For more information, see contact details below.

Fashion Business Inc. (FBI) offers vast opportunities for entrepreneurial development, resources and training, profitability, and growth to fashion-related businesses and startups. The institute offers members an advantage through access to Fashion Business Inc.’s comprehensive resource center and existing business partnerships with the biggest names in the business.

Types of Membership

  • Business membership caters to anyone planning to start their own apparel or manufacturing company.
  • Resource membership is for businesses that provide products and services to designers and manufacturers, and are looking to expand globally.
  • Educational membership provides assistance to educational institutions out to educate students about the apparel industry.

Headed by Frances Harder, Fashion Business Inc. offers a long list of benefits to get you started in expanding your business or to help you jumpstart your company. Members can enjoy discounts to educational webinars, free consultation with industry experts, access to the FBI office facility in California, opportunities to hold exhibit in major trade shows, promotion of members’ products, and free resources. For an annual membership fee of as low as $250, business owners and manufacturers get to enjoy:

  • Professional development, mentoring, business and management training to owners of apparel businesses
  • Job training and job retraining to assist manufacturers and their employees’ retain and retrain for future growth
  • Opportunities for networking and introductions to industry services, resources, suppliers and products
  • Marketing and promotion of members’ products
  • A common ground for the diverse sectors of the apparel industry to join together for their mutual benefit
  • A crossroads of manufacturers and contractors
  • Support and reinforcement of the US apparel industry
  • Employment and tax revenues through the growth of successful businesses

Fashion Business Inc. was founded in 1999 and has since worked with over 5,500 fashion entrepreneurs and manufacturers. Majority of its clients comprise of women and minorities. The FBI office is found in a 7,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art facility in the California Market Center in Los Angeles. The headquarters are equipped with conference rooms, a computer laboratory with free Internet, a seminar room that can accommodate up to 50 students, office rental space, and a showroom.

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In 2007, Fashion Business Inc. started to introduce online training programs and tutorials. The courses are highly informative and relevant to anyone who is interested in fashion and the fashion industry. They cover everything from marketing to design to business management. Fashion Business Inc. conducts workshops and seminars regularly online and offline, in cities like California and New York.  FBI has also been holding job skills training for incumbent and displaced workers in the apparel industry.

Some upcoming FBI webinars and seminars to check out:

Webinar: Find Your Niche
January 23, 2013, 3PM – 4PM

Workshop: Basic Flats in Adobe Illustrator
January 24, 2013, 10AM – 02PM

Webinar: EPC-RFID Bootcamp
January 24, 2013, 1PM – 2PM

Webinar: Tell Your Story and Get Your Money
January 29, 2013, 2PM – 3PM

Workshop: Fashion Illustration using Photoshop
January 30, 2013, 9AM – 4PM

See Calendar of Events

For more information see details below:

Fashion Business Inc.
Address: 110 East 9th Street
Suite A792 Los Angeles, CA 90079
Tel no: 213-892-1669
Fax: 213-892-8595
Email:; (memberships, special events)

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