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As summer travel plans take shape, wanderlust is no doubt on the mind of retail customers. Shop wholesale fashionable travel outfits from We have cute styles of wholesale travel clothing that are great for packing in a suitcase, able to be worn for all sorts of adventures. Take a look below.

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You can see that all of the fashionable travel outfits we have identified feature a relatively neutral and earthy color palette. If your customers are traveling to destinations where they will be outdoors, interacting with the elements, earth tones are great for hiding any dust or dirt that might come into contact with the clothing. Lighter colors are cooler for warmer destinations. These more monotone shades will help tourists blend in for cultures where wearing bright, loud attire might not be as comfortable. Choosing a related color palette creates a capsule collection that helps customers mix and match their wardrobe effectively, meaning they will never run out of options even with limited space for fashionable travel outfits.

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These fashionable travel outfits are loose and comfortable. For train, air or other types of travel, they are great for sitting in for long periods of time. Forgiving fabrics with stretch will not wrinkle whether on the seat underneath a body or folded up into a suitcase. For travelers who are wandering cities, hiking and participating in active endeavors, these silhouettes are preferable.

We have provided links for you to be able to shop these fashionable travel outfits. Stay tuned for more wanderlust, travel tips and summer fashion from LA Showroom’s Buyer’s Lounge blog!

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