FashionGo Implements Consolidated Shipping

FashionGo Implements Consolidated Shipping

FashionGo is the No.1 online shopping mall and your wholesale fashion connector. FashionGo has taken the fashion buying process digital, and the business-to-business (B2B) site connects Korean fashion with wholesale vendors and retail buyers across the globe.

FashionGo has backed up their intuitive, simple buying platform with stellar customer service. FashionGo’s commitment to enhancing sales, savings, and productivity is exemplified by this new service that will bring the best to their customers.

Consolidated Shipping
FashionGo has now implemented consolidated shipping which allows buyers to receive goods from various vendors in one shipment. This method will enable buyers to save money and cut costs further increasing profit margins. Consolidated shipping has other benefits making it a great choice. Namely, reduced risk of damaged goods and improved quality control.

There will never be a foolproof way to eradicate the occasional damaged good. A few garments that have tears, stains, or a button missing may not seem like a big deal. However, when you multiply that by every shipment, the loss is eating into the overall margin. explains that it reduces, “the on-again, off-again handling of the product, as the freight only has to travel between the shipper, consolidation center, and receiver/consignee. With fewer touchpoints, the risk of damaged goods is significantly lowered.”

Saving money and time is of the utmost importance to any business. FashionGo.Net has now made this a reality for buyers with consolidated shipping. This is another way FashionGo is further advancing the fashion buying world in the increasingly digital and global landscape.

Author:  Christine Duff

Christine wants to live in a world filled with cutting edge fashion, beautiful words and and an endless supply of leather jackets and boots. A product development grad of FIDM, she was the Editor-in-Chief of MODE Magazine where she reignited her love of storytelling. She has diverse experience within the industry with trend research, art direction and styling editorial spreads. She gained her most notable experience working in Los Angeles at the satellite operation for GQ and Vogue Thailand. Christine is passionate about social science and the role it plays in the consumer goods industry and apparel in particular.

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