Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners a Hot Product for Flipo Wholesale

No one could predict the impact the fidget spinner has had on the toy industry in only a matter of months. The toy, a propeller of sorts, that sits on a person’s finger it has already helped toy companies reach their sales goals for the year. Flipo Wholesale is one of the leading sellers of fidget spinners.

The toy launched in February of this year at North American International Toy Fair, but it is anything but new. The simple device is equipped with blades that spin around a bearing and was first introduced as a toy for children and adults with ADHD and autism. The steady spinning on one’s finger was meant to have a calming concentrating effect. Now, it is considered an EDC (everyday carry) toy for its small size and easy transport which has increased its popularity.


The fidget spinner is set off more than just a tidal wave of increased revenue. In addition, Bloomberg has reported that the phenomenon is causing a dispute over who the actual inventor of the fidget spinner is. Catherine Hettinger of Orlando has been reported as the inventor by the New York Times, The Guardian and Wikipedia. She received the patent in 1993 for “a circular device molded from a single piece of plastic that spins on the tip of a finger.”  Even so, she aptly had named it the “spinning toy.” She states she does not know whether her patent, which expired in 2005, is actually the same as the fidget spinner, but is using her newfound public image to help launch an app.


The easy size, calming nature and cheap price has brought this toy to public attention through a mix of social media exposure. Flipo Wholesale, a B2B wholesaler and marketing group, was one of the first brands to jump on this trend and reap its success through its marketplace. Drop shipping has allowed Flipo, and other brands alike, to see the retail impact this toy could have on their bottom line.

Author:  Christine Duff

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