Global Ex-Forces: Leading the Way in the Professional Trade Industry

Established just over 10 years ago, Global Ex-Forces has served as an industry leader in the field of Professional Trading.

In just over a decade, Global Ex-Forces has become a worldwide leading supplier of Natural sisal fiber, A4 Copy Paper, Yarn, and Sunflower Oil.  The company also specializes in the sale of leather and textiles.  The company has established an impressive reputation, which is chiefly based on the high quality of its products.  By ensuring exceptional product quality, the company has been able to undergo a rapid expansion in several other countries, thereby establishing a strong global presence.


Established Sisal Producing Factories

Headquartered at 22 Main Street Laurel, Maryland, Global Ex-Forces has established sisal producing factories on both Tanzania/Cameroon and Kenya.  The types of sisal products the company offers varies and includes sisal yarn, rope, and fiber products.  Along with sisal products, Global Ex-Forces prides itself on high quality stationary product production.  What’s more, through the experience of working with different products as well as implemented research, the company is constantly developing new and improved products.

Superior Quality Paper Producer

The A4 paper the company sells are available in several high quality brands, including Chamex, Double A, ROTARIM, AND Typek.  Orders consist of 500 sheets of superior quality paper.  The sunflower oil the company supplies is a non-volatile oil manufactured from compressed seeds.  The company also sells Sisal fiber, rope, yarn, and cloth materials.

Global Ex-Forces has years of industry experience at its backing and remains a global leader in professional trading, as the company maintains a vision in where the company’s success is based on the success of its suppliers and customers.  In order to ensure the success of all, the company strives to deliver exceptional service while retaining both intense integrity and reliability within the trade industry.

Contacting Global Ex-Forces

Contacting the company is easy and you have myriad methods for doing so.  You can email the company at for general queries or if you are interested in sales, you can contact the company at  The company’s phone number is (240) 565-0328, and you can find out more information about Global Ex-Forces by visiting the company’s official website at  Additional contact methods are available on the website where you can use an electronic submission form to access more information.

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