Google Shopping Increases OmniChannel Efforts

Google plans to take back some of the market shares from Amazon with the new “revamped” Google Shopping, Retail Dive reports. The search engine already allows users to compare product prices across merchants in their area. Although now this spans more than the shopping “tab.” The new homepage allows users to search by brand, access customer reviews, and product videos.

Also, Google is integrating ads in a less marketing-driven manner, but more of a seamless one. Their Showcase Shopping Ads incorporate lifestyle images that allow direct shopping from Google Images, Youtube, and the Discover News Feed. In fact, they’re even working with companies and their media budgets to promote their products further.

Google Shopping to increase omnichannel efforts

Google Maps can map to over 2 billion store locations according to the report. Even better is the ability to see the inventory at local stores through the shopping tab and ads. Moreover, the tab allows filtering by “price, brand, style color, features, and retailer.

Besides enhancing consumers shopping searches, they will be making it more easier to make purchases. Soon, Google Search, Images, and YouTube will integrate Google Shopping. Moreso, on Youtube, they will show prices and recommendations for products in videos. Viewers will be able to shop directly, as mentioned above.

Google helps small businesses

Google stresses that it doesn’t intend to become a retailer. Instead, they want to help compete with Amazon. Amazon is “the first place more than half of online shoppers visit when starting a product search.” These searches keep shoppers within the marketplace. Instead, Google hopes to lead them to local merchants from big-box retailers to mom and pop stores.

Retail Dive shares a case study from Estee Lauder in which they partnered with an “unnamed retailer” and received a 70 percent boost in clicks. This increase is due to “Smart Shopping campaigns.” These campaigns “use machine learning to optimize for store visits.” Smart Shopping uses ads, local merchants information, and allow users to purchase through the Merchant Center and pick up in-store. With this, Google hopes to get people off Amazon and into local brick-and-mortar retail stores across the country.

Author:  Christine Duff

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