Green Smoke Innovative Electronic Cigarettes

green smoke electronic cigarettesGreen Smoke is a premium maker of intelligently designed electronic cigarettes, consisting of long-lasting rechargeable battery and a pre-filled replaceable FlavorMax™ cartomizer (flavored cartridge). Each cartomizer pack is equivalent to about 8 packs of regular cigarettes and comes in a variety of flavors.

This nifty smoking device is very easy to use as if you’re smoking using a regular cigarette. It gives smokers a pleasant smoking experience with its high smoke volume and rich flavor, which won’t leave any funky smell on your clothes and car. It is guaranteed tar-free and leaves your breath smelling fresh.

With Green Smoke’s revolutionary e-cigarette technology, the brand has created a huge impact and has attracted a loyal consumer base. This makes its products, such as the starter kits, highly saleable especially for c-stores who are looking for return business.

Managing director of Wells Fargo Securities (an American multinational banking and financial services holding company), Bonnie Herzog, says: “we anticipate the U.S. e-cig market will approach $2B in retail sales by the end of 2013 and eclipse $10B by 2017.”  This makes electronic cigarettes a viable solution to daily restrictions imposed on the 45 million smokers in the United States who are still committed to analog smoking.

Innovation is what sets Green Smoke e-cig products apart from competitors. The company has set the bar higher by making easy-to-use, two-piece e-cigarette design that meets the industry standard.

“We continue to use the latest technologies to constantly improve our products for maximum performance and superior flavor – the two hallmarks of a premium e-cig brand,” claims Green Smoke.

Among Green Smoke’s latest innovations in their e-cigarette products are:

  • New SensorSafe Battery Technology
  • New Rapid Charging Technology
  • New Sleek Space Saving Packaging

Given their brilliant new-fangled products, Green Smoke provides it consumers with an informative and stress-free buying experience. Buyers are educated through detailed packaging and helpful in-store point-of-sale materials that easily compels new consumers to buy the product. The company also offers a very attractive entry price point.

This year, the company offers retailers interesting programs to choose from to support and encourage sell-through of their products. From attractive packaging to extensive staff training and superior customer service, Green Smoke promises to support retailers in every aspect of the business.

Visit their website at for product information.

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