How To Use “Haul” Videos for eCommerce Marketing Success

As per information shared by Google, a considerable amount of consumers will view haul videos: As much as 40 percent of all consumers.

A haul video is a type of video where a retailer can show off what it has to offer in a show in tell type format. It is hoped the haul video will then serve as an enticement to the consumer and that it will drive them through store doors to shop. 

Popular YouTuber, Zoe Sugg aka Zoella does a Spring Haul

So…What Are Haul Videos Exactly?

Haul videos are really a new kind of genre and are emerging because retailers are always looking for new methods to attract consumers. In the videos, young female shoppers talk about their recent purchases.

The videos might cover a discussion about product price, quality, quantity, cost, and it can also involve an in-depth discussion on the in store customer experience. The haul video can point to an online or offline establishment as the source of the shopper’s experience.

The Popularity Of Haul Videos Are Increasing Dramatically

Google suggests the word haul called in over a billion views just last year. Black Friday is the big day to witness considerable spikes in haul video viewing, and with the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to get those haul videos uploaded and shared. Other exceptional times to make use of haul videos include just before Christmas, Back to School, Prom Season, and Graduation.

How Can eCommerce Retailers and Marketers Use Haul Videos?

eCommerce retailers and marketers can use haul videos to promote their products and to draw more sales using three methods. First, the videos can be used to create fun parodies, to capture the attentions of video makers, and to develop haul like videos of one’s own. Ecommerce marketers can call on haulers to review products and to talk about them in their videos. You can also hire haulers for a nominal fee to discuss any in store experiences they might have. Parody haul videos are a way you can market products while having a bit of fun joking about them or by marketing them in a humorous way. Last, but not least, some haul videos can be made to give advice about particular products you are attempting to market.

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