Hiphop Jewelry Wholesale Offers Large Variety of Hip Hop Jewelry Styles and Trends

From grillz, to LCD & LED dog tags and belt buckles, pendants, bracelets, chains, to rings and more, Hiphop Jewelry Wholesale offers over 3,000 open stock hip-hop jewelry products. Hiphop Jewelry Wholesale only requires a $200 minimum order and offers volume discounts and free shipping for all US orders, allowing you to earn profit margins as high as 300+%.

Hiphop Jewelry Wholesale also offers closeout lots that are available with free shipping and at prices that are a steal. Some closeout hip-hop lot items that are popular include:

  • Hip-hop pendant and chains
  • Assorted LCD hip hop picture dog tags
  • Assorted fashion and sports watches
  • Assorted gold men’s rings and gold spinner rim rings
  • Assorted hip-hop watches
  • Boxed jewelry sets
  • Assorted flash belt buckles
  • Digital sports watches
  • And more.

All closeout lots are sold as is and all sales are final with no returns.

In addition to these closeout lots, Hiphop Jewelry Wholesale also offers the hottest trend today in hip-hop fashion jewelry: CZ Micro Pave jewelry. All CZ Micro Pave jewelry includes hundreds of CZ stones per piece that is set, not glued, into the jewelry with prongs. All pieces are manufactured and designed with brass or sterling silver with a thick rhodium finish that promises long-lasting shine. These are such quality pieces that they are virtually identical to real diamond jewelry from the stone setting, intricate details, feel, and structure of the jewelry.

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