How B-Stock Can Benefit Your Business

The rise of online marketplaces such as Amazon and the growing number of internet sellers has sucked many retailers into the race for the lowest price. Now, sellers must respond to consumers’ demand for a good deal in a highly competitive marketplace. To compete, one must obtain high-quality merchandise at incredibly low prices to maintain market position.

This is why many retailers (who are in the know) consider B-Stock. In fact, there are several advantages associated with B-Stock that can are crucial for the bottom line.

What is a B-Stock?

To prove their confidence in the products they provide and their value to customers, retailers usually offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee on their goods. This practice allows buyers who are not satisfied with the purchased product for any reason, to get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Typically, all unopened, unused products that the retailer has never sold before are categorized as A-Stocks. B-Stocks, on the other hand, are purchased products which are returned by a customer within their 30-day money-back guarantee period or those that are replaced under the return policy and can no longer be sold as new (A-Stock).

Since these items are returned and may show traces of use or scuffing, they are now considered B-Stock, explains Direct Liquidation. Now, B-stock is offered at a special reduced price. However, buyers still find these products attractive because they are fully functional and offer satisfaction guarantee as well as 3-year warranty. For the retailer, buying at discounted prices enable you to remain competitive in your market.

Where to Buy B-Stock

For retailers, it is an advantage to be able to buy B-Stock directly from wholesale suppliers. Buying from a wholesale supplier allows you to enjoy the benefit of lower prices, mainly because you get to buy in bulk.
Buying by the pallet from a wholesale supplier enables you to achieve a reasonable profit margin in addition to enormous cost savings.

But, with many online retailers willing to sell at nearly wholesale prices, you will have to buy items at less than the wholesale price to significantly enhance your ability to generate higher profits. To realize this, your best bet is to work closely with a liquidation company to obtain B-Stocks at prices below wholesale rates.

Benefits of Buying from a Liquidation Company

Often, the products which are returned by customers in a resalable condition within 30 days are liquidated by supermarket chains like Wal-mart and online retailers like Amazon. Liquidation companies purchase these returned items from the large retail chains and online retailers for a discount.

In turn, the liquidation companies can sell off these products at a discounted rate to their customers. So, the most obvious solution to the price war is for you to bypass the wholesalers and buy B-Stocks directly from the liquidation companies like Direct Liquidation. By so doing, you mitigate any risks of reduced profitability that might result from the price war among retailers.

Another advantage of purchasing B-Stocks from Direct Liquidation is that you are provided with a manifest showing the items inside each pallet. This makes it easy to understand what you are buying and can expect to receive whenever you purchase B-Stock.

Author:  Christine Duff

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