How to Increase Conversions: Make Your B2B Company Website More Effective: Part 2

The first part of this post discussed some of the most common yet often taken-for-granted guidelines for developing and maintaining a B2B company website that converts. Pointers on improving web design and content have  been discussed and now we move on to SEO tactics and engaging your audience.


Page Title and Headlines
Aside from your B2B company name, include a short description optimized with targeted keywords in your page title (as can be viewed on the browser tab whenever someone visits your page). The same goes for your headings, sub-headings, and meta-description tags.

Use of Images and YouTube Videos
Use alt text and captions on photos so search engines can crawl over them. For embedded videos, optimize video titles and descriptions with targeted keywords. And make sure to include a hyperlink back to your website.

Anchor Texts
The strategic use of anchor texts (hyper-linked keywords or phrases anywhere within your content that links to another page of your website) holds significant weight towards boosting your search engine rankings. Make sure that the page your anchor texts lead to are relevant to the hyper-linked keywords.

Sitemaps are practically your B2B website’s table of contents. It is useful to site visitors but more than that, a sitemap would make it easier for search engine spiders to crawl your web pages.


Full Social Media Integration
Link all your social networking profiles with your website. You can integrate social media feeds into your profile, include “Follow Us” social media buttons, or make content on your B2B site shareable through a “Share this” option. The more shares you get all over the Internet, the more visitors you get.

Gather Feedback
Customer feedback is vital in running a successful business. Listen to your clientele by opening blog comment sections, installing a forum section on your site, and/or making it a point to answer queries in social networking sites. You establish your authority in the process and at the same time, social media activity also factors in on your Google search engine rankings.

Offer Free Stuff
Everyone loves freebies and the more useful and relevant, the better. Mount your presentations on SlideShare and embed it on your site. Create a resource center wherein website visitors can download eBooks, white papers, apps you developed, and any type of content that would interest your targeted audience.

The most important thing to remember is that optimizing your website is just as essential as channeling your resources towards B2B marketing.  Think of your site as your customers’ window to your company. Think of your audience, looking for a trusted, reputable professional that could meet their needs. Take a look at your current website and decide: what impression are you giving them?

Author:  Naomi Ruth Ganhinhin

Naomi has worked freelance for a number of web development companies, opening doors for several business clients by helping them enhance online reputation, connect with their target audiences, and empowering them to stay competitive in the online market. Naomi is interested in online marketing, advertising, e-commerce, trade, startups, design, and Internet trends.

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