igh-Quality Cotton/Bamboo

Hu Concepts: High-Quality Cotton/Bamboo Products

Environmentally-conscious or “green” lifestyles have really become commonplace in recent years. With the newfound emphasis on preserving God’s green earth for future generations, products with more natural materials have become sought after. Of course, cotton has always been a staple in the wardrobes of Americans.


Why Bamboo, why Hu?

Hu Concepts recognized bamboo as an essential of their socks but also their other product offerings. Bamboo was a no- brainer to incorporate into their cotton blend as it absorbs perspiration and is soft to the touch. In fact, it is softer than man-made materials due to the round surfaces to the fibers. Even so, bamboo fibers are hypo-allergenic perfect for anything that touches the skin. Their signature blend of cotton and bamboo are crafted from cellulose materials that are able to decompose naturally in the environment. Also interesting, bamboo delivers an antibacterial and antifungal property due to a little substance called bamboo Kun. This is of course beneficial to anything that comes in contact with the human foot, but also their kitchen wares. Hu Concepts offers cutting boards that won’t fall trap to man-made ones that have been known to harbor bacteria. It’ll keep it from the fate of the infamous kitchen breeding ground: the sponge. All the Hu Concepts product categories are as follows.


Product Offerings:

  • Bamboo/Cotton blend socks for men, women and babies
  • Bamboo Kitchen Equipment – cutting boards and salad bowls.
  • Frames, trays, soaps and candles


Connect with Hu

Hu is looking for wholesaler/distributor partners as they are expanding internationally. They are based in the United States, but will be an exhibitor at the Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada trade show. Their booth can be visited August 21st-23rd at the International Centre in Toronto. If you cannot connect in person, you may reach out by e-mailing. info@huconcept.com, checking out their profile Top Ten Wholesale or see their new storefront on Amazon.  In addition, they offer free shipping on all orders so you can get your hands on feet in a pair of their signature socks.



Author:  Christine Duff

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