i-SaiSo Launches Wellbeing Monitor Web-Based Service & Mobile App at 2014 CES

With the increasing number of senior population as well as demands of having a healthy and fit lifestyle, a barrage of service apps and wearable gadgets specifically designed for healthcare had been introduced in the recent 2014 International CES.

One of which was i-SaiSo’s Wellbeing Monitor, a web based subscription service and mobile app that provides real-time health monitoring and alerts. It’s made especially for the elderly, making wellbeing management easy and stress-free.

Many seniors prefer living happily with their independent lifestyles. There are certain times, however, that there is no fully available family member or guardian to attend to their immediate needs should there be an emergency. i-SaiSo fills this gap by providing a simple, easy-to-use remote wellbeing solution to ensure that their daily wellbeing is maintained. Seniors are only one-click away from getting the proper healthcare response they need in case of urgent assistance.

“American families are facing a care crisis. Our aging population, financial constraints and the desire for seniors to remain safe, comfortable and independent in their own homes for as long as possible means families need effective and reliable consumer technology that supports the health and wellbeing of our senior loved ones,” said i-SaiSo CEO Ray Wright. “The i-SaiSo Wellbeing Monitor provides a one-touch, easy-to-use, family-friendly solution with the flexibility to accommodate different time-zones, geographies, devices and all the unique lifestyle demands families have, to deliver complete peace of mind about our senior loved one’s wellbeing.”

All you need is tablet or a smartphone and internet connection for both senior user and family member administrator. Simply install the app and choose between Basic, Silver or Gold Accounts for i-SaiSo’s premium subscription service, which can be done in their website at http://www.i-saiso.com/.

Edna Barton, i-SaiSo user claimed, “I wasn’t sure if a solution like this was right for me. My daughter signed up for the free trial and I agreed to give it a go. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at how we’ve integrated this into both our lives. It’s no chore at all – and there are no cameras so I never feel ‘watched’. But perhaps the best part is that I know my daughter doesn’t feel guilty and isn’t unnecessarily concerned about me –that’s the way it should be, for both of us!”

Author:  Roanne Vista

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