Iconasys Makes 360 Jewelry Photography Simple

Recently we introduced Iconasys, a company that sets out to make product photography a breeze for all its users. With a team of professional photographers and software developers running the company, you know you’re getting a quality product.

People are raving about the software products ease of use, and watching this 360 jewelry photography tutorial we can clearly see what they’re talking about.   


A few of the feature and real time workflow takeaways are below:

  • You can easily adjust the focal point on screen in real time so that you never lose focus of your subject, in this case a diamond ring.
  • By pre-cropping the subject and pre-rotating the turntable, you can see a real time preview and makes sure you’ve placed your subject on the center. If you need to make adjustments, don’t worry because you can also easily adjust the crop markers.
  • As images are being captured on the turntable, they’re uploaded to your computer extremely fast, with 36 frames only taking about a minute and a half for capture.
  • Making adjustments to pure white are easy by adjusting the RGB levels which can edit all 36 images at once.
  • Once all frames are selected and imported into 360 creator application, your 360 view is instantly created!

If you’d like to see the software in use, watch this 360 Jewelry Photography Workflow video.

Compared to other similar companies, Iconasys is far ahead in innovation, while staying competitive on pricing. See more at Iconasys.com

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